Hands Hurt From Pull Ups?

Everyone’s hand’s might occasionally hurt from pull-ups or toes to bar. When we first start CrossFit our hands get a bit tougher, and often that adaptation (callus) works to our advantage. But, every one in a while we do get rips or raw hands. Tape and/or time usually can help, but another thing we can recommend is hand grips. ¬†We certainly don’t recommend wearing them all the time, it is good for your hands to get used to being on the bar, but for high numbers of repetitions they can be helpful. They look like this and if you’re interested they are on sale and you can buy them here:Green__87957.1405475004.1280.1280


Warm Up

Partner Med Ball Run

Lift Make Up Day

WOD: 3 rounds
1 Min. Toes to bar
1 Min. Rest
1 Min. Row for Calories
1 Min. Rest
1 Min. burpees
1 Min Rest





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