IMG_2735Get ready for our first gym wide Paleo Challenge!

Starts: Aug. 23rd

Ends: Sept.20th

Who participates: You! It’s a fun challenge for our whole community!

What: All details will be revealed Sept. 23rd during a brief meeting after the 9:30 am WOD

How Can I get ready? Start by reading our posts in the next week, we’ll have links to great resources like The Paleo Diet,  Mark’s Daily Apple and Paleo OMG, as well as the Whole 30. You’ll also hear from coaches and other athletes who have experienced a Paleo Challenge– so stay tuned!

Is it complicated? No! Most simply put, you will be eating: meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no refined sugar.



6 One minute round of:

3 Deadlift 225/165
Shuttle Run- 1/2 down and back, all way down and back
Burpees in remaining time

Rest 2 min. between rounds

Score is total # of burpees

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