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Good Form Over Heavy Weight

It’s the age-old battle: you want to Rx the WOD. Or maybe just go a little heavier. As coaches, we want to encourage you to push your limits and get stronger. But our number one priority is good form. Proper technique is important on two levels: safety and efficiency.

Of course keeping you injury-free, minimizing your pain and keeping you feeling good is important. Your coaches want you to lift correctly to keep you from hurting yourself. We are pretty sure that you want that, too! In addition, proper technique will help you lift more weight. But this requires some patience. We might have you drop your weight on a given day to help you work on proper movement patterns, so that the next time you do this particular lift, your muscle memory will kick in and your form will be excellent.

Remember that as coaches, our job is to help you stay injury-free and perfect the movements.  We will always prioritize form over weight. So please, take our advice, drop the weight if we suggest it. We may even recommend a different movement (for example, a goblet squat instead of a front or overhead squat) in order to help you get where you need to be. We assume that you trust us as coaches and will be open to our suggestions. In the end this will pay off in spades: not only will you get stronger, you will do so without hurting yourself. It’s a win-win.

–Coach Rachel

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