3 Great Reasons to Log Your Results in Wodify

by Coach Nick

JFP_Slideshow_CFIL_StandUp2Cancer_20141123_3Some of you have been diligently coming to class, logging in, working hard, and then continuing on about your day without ever logging you results into Wodify. Here are three good reasons to make sure you enter your lifts and your WOD results:

1. It lets your coaches know how you’re doing. One of the cool things about Wodify is that we can see at a glance how you’re doing on each lift, which helps us to determine whether we need to have you add or drop a little weight, or change something up if it seems like you’re plateauing. But if there’s no data, we don’t have anything to look at.

2. It’s pretty easy. OK, it’s definitely easier at a keyboard, but the iPhone app (and, I assume, the Android app) are pretty good too – and you can use them if there’s a backup by the front door when everyone’s trying to leave. You can also log in from your desktop at work or at home, too – just don’t forget to jot your numbers down in the notes on your phone (or, perhaps, you’re awesome Wendler spreadsheet) so you’re not trying to reconstruct your lift or your WOD reps later.

3. It’s fun getting feedback from your peers. Those little thumbs up “likes” you get when you hit a PR on a lift or bang out a WOD? Absurdly fun. They’re like little virtual high fives. And who doesn’t like little virtual high fives? Of course, if you for some reason don’t like little virtual high fives, I just don’t understand you, but you can always tweak the privacy settings in WODIFY.


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