Class Reservations Update!

As it’s now been one month with this new policy in place, we wanted to thank everyone for doing their part to help make the class reservations process become routine so quickly. We recognize it was, and continues to be, a big change in terms of one’s flexibility to attend classes, and we appreciate everyone’s quick adaptation and patience as we all get used to it. Just a couple notes:

  • We’d like to encourage you to make your reservation as early as you know you’ll be able to attend, as opposed to relying on the ability to sign-in on the spot (even if you know your class is “typically” not full). Advanced reservations greatly help coaches plan for the correct class size, and ultimately ensure a better experience for you. We do understand that sometimes you may need to make a reservation at the last minute or even on your way to class, but we’d prefer this to be the exception rather than the norm. Remember that you can cancel your reservation if needed — and currently there is no penalty associated with doing so.
  • Please utilize the one-click sign-in method on the kiosk at the gym. Find your name on the reservation list and click it to sign-in — don’t use the drop-down athlete name search (i.e., the old way). The one-click sign-in method will prevent you from accidentally signing in (and cancelling out of) the wrong class time and other technical issues.
  • If there is a class coming in after you, try to record your results via your Wodify mobile app rather than through the kiosk, in order to allow the kiosk to be used primarily for sign-ins.
  • E-mailĀ with any technical or other issues related to making or reservations, or Wodify in general.

THANK YOU all for continuing to make this process as easy and smooth as possible!

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