Class Reservations


  • Effective September 18, 2017, ALL members must make a reservation through Wodify for any regular WOD class they wish to attend
  • No reservations required for Yoga or Open Gym unless otherwise noted
  • Reserve starting up to 48 hours in advance of each class
  • Cancel an existing reservation with no penalty up to 1 hour in advance
  • Late Cancellations and No-Shows may incur penalty fee in future


We believe implementing class reservations will ultimately provide members with the best experience and will have many benefits, including:

  • Allowing staffing 2 coaches for larger classes when possible
  • For coaches – improved ability to plan warm-ups and class logistics; tailoring skill work/scaling options 
  • For athletes – increased accountability to attend class, ability to choose classes based on size, ability to see which friends will be joining your class, 


See the Tutorial at the bottom of this page for detailed instructions on how to make your reservation through either the Wodify mobile app, Web app, or CFIL website

  • Make your reservation starting 48 hours before any class start time
  • NOTE: If the class you want to attend is full, you will see an option to join the wait list for that class. Joining the wait list means that if a member cancels their reservation at least 1 hour in advance (before the “Late Cancellation” period), you will receive an email with a link to make your reservation. There is no order to the wait list – all members will receive the email at the same time. (Make sure your email address in Wodify is accurate if you want to receive those emails!)
  • After you make a reservation, sign-in to class when you arrive at the gym on the kiosk
  • Signing in on the kiosk is EASY and done with one click if you have already made a reservation. Simply click on your name on the existing reservation list for your class on the left side of the screen
  • If you forget to reserve your spot before you arrive at CFIL:
    • If the class still has space (per reservation list): You’re in luck! Use the mobile app to make your reservation, then sign-in on the kiosk as described above.
    • If the class is full: There will be a short grace period for this, but ultimately we will need to stick to our policy and ask you to attend a different class. (Avoid this situation by always making a reservation!)



From the Wodify mobile app:

NOTE: If you don’t yet have the Wodify app, download it for free from iTunes or Google Play. Search for and download “Wodify” (NOT “Wodify Athlete” which is a preview/beta version of a future iteration)

  • Log in to your Wodify account using your username and password
  • From the menu bar, click the ‘Class Schedule’ tab

  • Scroll through by day to find the class for which you want to make a reservation 
  • Click on the red “Reserve” button to make a reservation for the class that you would like to attend

  • If the reservation goes through, you’ll see a notification at the top of the screen and the background will turn green as shown below. You now have a spot reserved in that class! 

  • Click the gray “Cancel” button if you would like to cancel your reservation (remember to do so at least 1 hour before class to avoid being marked a Late Cancellation)

From the Wodify Web app:

  • Log in to your Wodify account
  • Click the ‘Calendar’ tab at the top
  • View the Calendar:
    • The WHITE calendar icon signals a class that is open for registration
    • Classes not open for registration are identified with a GRAY calendar icon

  • To make a reservation, click the WHITE calendar icon
  • Immediately after you do so:
    • The icon changes to a ticket, indicating you have successfully made the reservation
    • A cancel icon appears; click this if you wish to cancel
    • The reservation count and meter increase by 1

  • If you wish to cancel your reservation at any time, simply click on the cancel icon (remember to do so at least 1 hour before class to avoid being marked a Late Cancellation)

From the CFIL website:

  • Click on Schedule > Live Calendar
  • From within the schedule pane, click ‘Login’ if you are not already logged into Wodify

  • Log in with your Wodify username and password
  • Follow the same steps listed above for the Wodify Web app tutorial to reserve or cancel a reservation