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The Spectrum of CrossFit

As is the case at most CrossFit affiliates, our members at Inner Loop have a wide range of goals and reasons for doing CrossFit. The vast majority of us began CrossFit in order to increase our base level of general physical preparedness, so we can be good not only in the gym but outside those walls as well. One of the most touted claims about CrossFit is that it really is for everybody; everyone from the most deconditioned to the most elite have the same basic needs. With varied programming, most CrossFitters can “train CrossFit” several times per week for a lifetime and see continued gains in strength, increased endurance, improved times, etc. — all while using CrossFit as a means to enhance their overall lifestyle and improve the many other areas of their lives.

On the other end of the spectrum are the athletes that train and compete in CrossFit on an elite level. They compete in local and national level competitions, many professionally, many sacrificing a lot to get there, with the best in the world making it as far as the CrossFit Games (happening next week!).

And somewhere in between, there are a growing number of those who start CrossFit and find, whether through the CrossFit Open, in-house competitions or fundraisers, or even just everyday training, that they really enjoy the competitive aspect that it offers. Perhaps they are former athletes of a different sport who rekindle their competitive flame, or maybe through CrossFit they find an athlete inside of them they never knew existed. Common outlets for this “CrossFit as a recreational sport” section of the spectrum include participating in local competitions, whether in a scaled or Rx division, individually or sometimes with a partner. A handful of our athletes at CrossFit Inner Loop have done this and have found it to be a lot of fun.

However, signing up to compete on one’s own can be a bit intimidating, especially for the first time, or for those new to CrossFit. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to get some competition experience while being surrounded and supported by teammates from your own gym?

The Capital Affiliate League

As it turns out, there is! The Capital Affiliate League (CAL) is a 5-week functional fitness competition league for athletes in the DC/VA/MD region. Competing as a team with others from your gym, and offering 3 different divisions to choose from based on ability (Novice, Open, or Upper), CAL is a great way for athletes to experience competition in a fun and supportive setting.

We would like to see who might be interested in participating on a team (or two) with other CrossFit Inner Loop athletes in the summer season of CAL. Teams can consist of up to 8 athletes and can be made up of any number of males or females. Below are some additional details about CAL:

What: Each Saturday there will be 2 races (events) with 4 athletes per team allowed to participate in each race. Additional information about the league and format can be found here:  

Movements/Divisions: All movements for each division can be found here:

When: Saturdays from August 15 – September 12 from 1-3pm (championship on September 26th for qualifying teams) *NOTE: Since teams can include up to 8 athletes, you do NOT need to be available for all 5 weeks in order to be on a team*

Where: Teams compete at local CrossFit affiliates (a different affiliate hosts each week)

Cost: $165 per person

Express Your Interest

Interested? Maybe interested? Have questions? E-mail us at or talk to a coach in class by next Friday, July 24th. Once we have a good sense of interest and whether we may be able to field a team or two, we will assess what division(s) would be most appropriate and answer any questions before moving forward. Registration closes on August 1st.



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