CrossFit Class

JFP_HiRes__20151007_45What is a typical class like at CrossFit Inner Loop?

  • Classes are FUN and engaging!
  • Classes run exactly one hour long, beginning with an instructor-led warm up. We will get you moving and dynamically stretching in order to prepare your body for the rest of the class.
  • We then huddle up and talk about the programmed Workout of the Day, which may include a strength component, a skill we are working on, and/or a metabolic conditioning workout. Every class is different!
  • Your coach will teach you any movements that you are unfamiliar with, will help you scale appropriately for your ability level, and will watch you and provide feedback to ensure that you perform movements safely and efficiently.
  • Everyone in the class starts the workout together and supports one another to complete it. The strong community aspect of our gym is one of our most valued and important characteristics.
  • Come join us! We strive to make your hour at CrossFit Inner Loop the best hour of your day!