CrossFit Open 2015: An Athlete’s Perspective


After Chrissy finished her 3 handstand push ups, she completed the 15.4 scaled. Nice work, Chrissy!
After Chrissy finished her 3 handstand push ups, she completed the 15.4 scaled. Nice work, Chrissy!

We’ve all learned more about ourselves as competitors, crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts from participating in the 2015 CrossFit Open. For those who did not participate this year, here’s a look at what you might experience next year! Thanks to Chrissy C. for sharing her thoughts and story.

by Chrissy C.

This is the first year I have participated in the CrossFit Open and I am so glad that I joined this competition. I’ve been able to accomplish goals that I didn’t think were possible even one month ago. I have PR’d my snatch and my clean and jerk, did pull-ups for the first time, and most recently did three hand-stand push ups! These were movements that I envisioned only the coaches and pros could do when I joined CrossFit two years ago.

When I graduated college seven years ago I attempted to stay fit. However, the energy and adrenaline I had as a cross-country athlete quickly began to wane. Also, the results I used to see from running became less apparent and harder to come by. Then I found CrossFit. Completely out of my comfort zone and surrounded by kettle-bells, bar-bells, and medicine balls, I quickly found myself challenged and forced back into a world of competition. Last summer I joined CrossFit Inner Loop.  CFIL has given me the confidence to continually push myself and to join this year’s CrossFit Open. It’s great to be working out with such a supportive community.

Last Saturday morning I walked into CFIL prepared to just attempt the scaled WOD. I was not yet comfortable doing a hand-stand and certainly didn’t want to attempt doing one topped off with a push-up. At the last minute (literally!) Coach Jara encouraged me to give it a shot…and it worked.  And after a brief one-on-one lesson, I was able to complete my first hand-stand push-up! Arming me with the confidence to attempt the hand-stand push-ups in 15.4, Coach Rupert also played a major role in my accomplishment as he challenged me to remove the ab-mats under my head during a previous workout.

The CrossFit Inner Loop team, the challenges offered, and the camaraderie enjoyed keeps me coming back week after week and workout after workout. Hoping to continue putting check-marks on my CrossFit to-do list, I am looking forward to seeing what the final Open has in store this weekend.

See you guys there!


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