Friday 1/1/16

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Happy New Year! Come on in today for a fun group WOD at 11:00am to start your year off right!

Skill Review & Practice

Wheelbarrow Walks (staying in hollow position)

Rope Climbs / Pulls from Floor

New Year’s 2016 Team WOD

Teams of 3-4 will complete 2016 total reps of various movements according to the list below, for time. No Rx weights, choose your own — and as always, scale movements appropriately

1) One person working at a time, except for team burpees
2) Movements may be done in any order, but the team must do all reps of a single movement before moving to a different one (i.e., cannot alternate reps between different movements)
3) Reps may be partitioned among team members as desired, but all team members must contribute to every movement


500 Single-Unders
400 ft. Wheelbarrow Walks (8 full lengths turf)
300 Walking Lunges
200 KB Swings
150 Calorie Row
100 Wall Ball Shots (to 10’/9′ targets)
100 Parallette Jump-Overs
100 Med Ball Sit-Ups Against the Wall
50 Hollow Rocks
50 Synchronized Burpees (all team members at once)
50 Toes to Bar
16 Rope Climbs (scale 3:1 rope pulls)

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