Friday 12/29/17


Friday 12/29: 6AM, 12PM, 5:30PM WODs only (NO 4:30PM)
Saturday 12/30: 9AM & 10AM WODs only (NO 8AM)
Sunday 12/31: 9:30AM Yoga, 11AM-12:30PM Open Gym
Monday 1/1: 12PM-2PM Open Gym

Guests: Visiting for the holidays from another affiliate? Purchase and reserve your drop-in class through our website.

Members: Our new, totally revamped January Nutrition Challenge starts Monday, 1/8! See all the details and sign-up before next Tuesday 1/2 to guarantee yourself the included portion containers and allow ample time to prepare. 

Bodyweight Strength

16 rounds of :30 work, :30 rest (4x through) for QUALITY (i.e. no score):

30 seconds of Strict Dips (Ring, Bars, Parallettes)
30 seconds REST
30 seconds of Hollow Rocks
30 seconds REST
30 seconds of Chin Over Bar Static Hold + Negative
30 seconds REST
30 seconds of Strict Handstand Push-Ups or Wall-Facing HS Hold
30 seconds REST

Scale all movements such that you can perform high-quality reps for the full 30 seconds (or as close to it as possible) each time


“Field Work”

For Total Time, with each carry starting and ending at bay door:

400m Suitcase Carry
200m Front Rack Carry
100m Overhead Carry

Rx: 53/35 single KB — may rest/alternate arms as desired throughout

Same KB throughout. If you can’t complete this workout as Rx’ed, choose the heaviest KB you can manage to hold overhead in a safe position – record weight used to comments

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