Friday 12/11/15


TODAY: CFIL Holiday Party starts at 6:30PM! See your email from earlier this week for more details on food, drink, Santa, and more! Hope to see you there!

TOMORROW: GYM IS CLOSED SATURDAY for the Adaptive Athlete Seminar. See your email from earlier this week for 9AM trail run details led by Coach Amy.

SUNDAY: 11AM WOD followed by Farewell to Coach Erinn Potluck Brunch (bring anything you’d like), please join us as we tearfully say goodbye to Coach Erinn who is moving in 2 weeks 🙁


Bench Press (10-8-6-4-2)

Start with 10 reps @ approx. 50% of 1RM. Add weight each set as # reps decrease.


Barbell warm-up and ~5 minutes to build to working weight, then

Broken “Grace”

3 Rounds of:

10 Clean & Jerks (as fast as possible) (135/95***)
Rest 2:00 between rounds

Get & record your time for each of the 3 rounds.

***Weight chosen should allow you to cycle these quickly; aim to complete each round in under 1:30 or 2 minutes max. Record weight used to Wodify if not Rx

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