Friday 3/30/18

And with that, the CFIL Intramural Open is over! Congratulations to purple team 2FIT 2QUIT for their victory — they edged out team FLEX APPEAL by a mere 1 point! You can see the final scores at the bottom of the page HERE. The team will have their photo collage displayed at the gym for bragging rights until next year!

Week 5 spirit points were awarded to all teams after their amazing joint team cheer and general awesomeness of everyone! 

Congratulations to ALL the teams and participants on a really fun and spirited Open season. Stay tuned for more info on our post-Open celebratory workout (“18.6”) and BBQ!

Strength & Conditioning

Part A: 12-15 Mins. to complete

Part B: 12-15 Mins. to complete

A: Push Press (4 x 4)

Pause 2 seconds both in bottom of dip and overhead. Ascend in weight as long as you can maintain good form and hold the required pauses. Rest 2 mins. between sets.

B: Not For Time

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps:
Ring Rows (most difficult angle possible — elevate feet on box if needed)

After each set: 80 ft. Farmer’s Carry (AHAP without stopping)


3-Way Pec Stretch

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