Friday 3/11/15

Open WOD 16.3: Check out the video demo above and the movement standards for all divisions here. 

Same schedule for Saturday — gym opens at 8:45AM, Athletes Briefing at 9:10AM. This is a short workout so we should be able to get through things a little more quickly this week! If you are doing the Open WOD, do try to make it on Saturday! Otherwise, make-ups may again be performed during Sunday Open Gym or regular classes on Monday.


16.3 Prep!
Bar Muscle-Ups
Jumping Chest-to-Bar Pullups


3 Rounds:

2:00 Row for Max Calories
1:00 Rest

OPTIONAL: Bike for Max Calories for 1 or more rounds (note in comments which round(s))

Record calories for each round (start over at 0 each time)

1 min Downward Dog
1 min Pigeon (each side)
1 min Samson Stretch (each side)
1 min Downward Dog

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