Friday 3/17/17


They’ve done it again — even with their team captain participating remotely, Team Mother Thrusters edged out Team Hustle & Muscle in Week 3 of our Intramural Open, this time by a mere four (4) points. While Team MT continues to take advantage of their slightly higher number of eligible participants, Team H&M made up a couple of points this week with strong performances in the Scaled men division in particular, taking 4 of the Top 5 performances, and continues to gain points on Team MT each week! 

On an individual note, 4 athletes on Team H&M and 1 athlete on Team MT have earned their teams the maximum of 9 points after the first 3 weeks of the Open. Both teams have 6 athletes who have earned 8 points! View the full scoresheet on our Open page (scroll all the way to the bottom).

Look for another tight competition this weekend as Team MT fights to maintain their win streak and Team H&M is scratching right on their back door, and valuable team spirit points will require a bit more creativity (reminder: physical decorations will NOT count toward those points!). Remember that even ONE rep of the WOD as prescribed (whether Rx or Scaled) can help you earn for your team those valuable 2 participation points, as long as you enter those scores on the Games site! As we noted last week, if you did not register on the Games site but do complete the workout (or part of it), entering your score in Wodify will earn 1 participation point for your team!

Bodyweight Strength

***If you are doing the Open, have Strict HSPU, and want to work on Kipping HSPU technique for one of the minutes — feel free!***

Alternating EMOM 16′:

1- 5-7 Parallette Shoot -Throughs with Push-Up and Dip
2- 20 sec. Static Ring, Parallel Bar, or Box Hold
3- 20 V-Ups, Tuck-Ups, or Sit-Ups
4- Regular (not Legless) Rope Climbs or Up & Downs (choose appropriate # for you for each minute, that will take 30-45 seconds)


“Your Own Lane”

AMRAP 12′:

3 Russian KB Swings (53/35#)
3 Goblet Squats (same KB)
3 Burpees
6 Russian KB Swings
6 Goblet Squats
6 Burpees

… Continue this ladder, adding 3 reps each round, until time expires.

Record as # of Rounds you finish (plus additional reps), for example:
Finish round of 9: 3 Rounds
Finish round of 12: 4 Rounds
Finish round of 15: 5 Rounds
Finish round of 18: 6 Rounds
Finish round of 21: 7 Rounds
Finish round of 24: 8 Rounds

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