Friday 3/3/17

Congratulations to our neon green-wearing Team Mother Thrusters on their Week 1 win of our Intramural Open! We will kick off Week 2 again this Saturday morning at 9AM sharp!

Please note our same schedule this weekend:

Saturday: 8AM WOD (open to all members), 9AM Open 17.2 (to all those participating), NO 10AM WOD!

Sunday: 9:30AM Yoga, 11:00AM Open Gym (with 11:30AM make-up for Open 17.2)


12 Mins. to work on Turkish Get-Ups. Experienced athletes – try to get at least 6 sets, record heaviest set of 2 (1 each side)


AMRAP 20′:

10 DB Bench or Floor Press (40+/30+)
8 Alternating Pistol Squats
6 D-Ball Over Shoulder (100/70) (scale: Slam Ball)
4 Wall Walks
2 lengths turf Primal/Low Bear Crawl (knees close to ground, flat back)

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