Friday 3/4/15

Open WOD 16.2 has been released! If you are participating, before coming to the gym for the workout be sure to watch the video above AND review the workout standards on this document (which includes variations for Scaled and Masters 55+ divisions).

SATURDAY: Same schedule as last week – gym opens at 8:45AM, required Athletes Briefing at 9:10AM. Athletes not registered for the Open are again welcome, but may need to be accommodating on their heat based on equipment availability. 

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure all Open athletes have a great experience and so as not to take away from regular class time, any make-ups for 16.2 may take place during Sunday Open Gym or during Monday classes (where additional coaches may be on hand to assist).


16.2 Prep!
Toes to Bar


EMOM 18 mins:
Min 1: Run 100m/Row 150m
Min 2: Heavy Farmers Carry, 4 lengths turf (may use KBs or DBs)
Min 3: 15 Ball Slams

Record total carry weight (both DBs/KBs)

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