Friday 4/7/17

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Reminder: Open “17.6” at 6PM Friday to close out the 2017 Open season — wear your team shirts/colors one last time! Light workout followed by happy hour, Team Hustle & Muscle will provide the beverages!


EMOM 24′ as follows (go directly from one to the next, no extra rest in between!):

A) EMOM 6′:
12/10/8/6 Calorie Row (choose a # and stick to it for all 6 rounds)

B) EMOM 6:
10 Wall Balls + 5 Toes to Bar

C) EMOM 6′:
14/12/10/8 Calorie Row (choose a # and stick to it for all 6 rounds, goal is 2 cals higher than in Part A)

D) EMOM 6′:
5 Wall Balls + 10 Med Ball Sit-Ups


3x Sled Pushes for Weight

40 ft. Heavy Sled Push — should be heavy enough that you are moving slowly, but not so heavy you need to stop

Rest up to 3 minutes between efforts

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