Friday 5/26/17

A snapshot of last year’s Murph — who’s ready for this year?!

Conditioning Partner WOD

“Alternate Quadrathlon”

With a partner, complete 4 x 4:00 AMRAPs with 1:00 rest between each.

Count & record reps/calories completed AS A TEAM for each of the four rounds.

May start on any station, rotate in order:

1- Air Dyne (Calories)
2- DB Thrusters @ moderate wt. (Reps)
3- Ski Erg (Calories)
4- Sit-Ups (Reps)

One person working at a time — switch whenever desired, but keep effort level and intensity HIGH when you are working.


Alternating EMOM 9′ (3x through):

1- Downward/Upward Dog flow
2- Scorpion Stretch – 30 sec. Right, 30 sec. Left
3- Seated Straddle stretch

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