Friday 5/27/16

Just 4 more days until we revisit “Murph” !


Snatch (1RM)

20 MINUTES to build up to a 1 Rep Max Snatch, starting from the Floor. This should be performed as a full squat snatch. All normal points of performance apply! A coach should watch all 1RM attempts.

***Those not yet comfortable with the full snatch can instead perform this complex ascending in weight if form looks good: 1 Snatch Pull w/ pause at knee + 1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 OHS


5 Rounds for Time (10 MIN CAP):

10 Ground to Overhead* (95/65)
100m Run (rail & back)

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Max Supinated (underhand) Grip Hang on Bars (record time)

then, 5-7 minutes of foam roller/barbell/lax ball smashing — athletes’ choice

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