Friday 6/1/18

Today’s WOD references ratios specific to your bodyweight as the basis for the prescribed Push Press weight (example: if athlete weighs approx. 180 lbs — Rx is ~108 lbs, Rx+ is ~126 lbs or more). Please note that the point of this exercise is not to draw attention to your bodyweight. Many athletes after starting CrossFit in fact throw their scales away as they begin to focus more on the numbers they are lifting rather than the number on the scale for perhaps the first time in their lives. This is fantastic. Simply understand that strength relative to bodyweight is a metric that has been used for many many years and has applications not just to performance and sport (e.g. competitive weightlifting) but to overall health. Rather than chasing an arbitrary Rx weight, it takes your size into consideration. There’s no need to overthink it today, use your best estimate of your bodyweight and give it your best shot. Find a weight that will be challenging for you. If 0.6x bodyweight (Rx) is not in the cards today then scale it to 0.5x bodyweight or lower. If you are interested in learning more about strength ratios across a broad spectrum of lifts, check out the Strength Level website to see where your numbers currently lie and perhaps set some new goals for yourself!


Rope Climb drills & footwork practice


“Push and Pull”

For Time (20′ CAP):

Push Press (from the floor)

Rope Climbs

Rx: Push Press at 0.6x bodyweight
Rx+: Push Press at 0.7x bodyweight

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