Friday 6/15/18



Tempo Front Squat (7 x 3 @ 10X1)

From the FLOOR: Every 1:45 x 7 sets — Power Clean + 3 Reps Front Squat at tempo 10X1

Ideally all sets are at same weight, building slightly on load from 2 weeks ago. Otherwise, ascend as needed to find right weight. Goal at this tempo is a fast but controlled descent with speed and power out of the bottom. The weight you choose should allow you to GET UP VERY FAST on all 3 reps in the set. The entire set should take no more than 8 seconds. If you can’t keep tempo, reduce the weight.


“Hanging Tough”

*compare to 6/14/17*

3 Rounds for Time (10′ HARD CAP):

15 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
15 Burpees Over the Bar

Rx+: 4 Rounds (only if doing Rx weight) – same time cap

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