Friday 6/29/18

Please note the following schedule changes for next week while we have many coaches and members away: No 4:30PM classes on Monday 7/2 or Tuesday 7/3; 9AM WOD/10AM Open Gym on Wednesday 7/4!

Partner WOD

“Ship’s Bell”

With a 15:00 clock:

Partner A: 350/300m Row

Partner B: AMRAP of
9 DB Deadlifts (front bell touches floor)
6 Burpees
3 DB Power Cleans

Rx: 50’s / 35’s

Start where your partner leaves off, count total rounds & reps.


Cobra / Upward Dog – 1-2 minutes
3-Way Child’s Pose – 30-60 seconds each with arms straight, to the right, and to the left

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