Friday 6/16/17

Bodyweight Strength

Alternating EMOM 16′ (4 rounds):

1- Isometric Pronated Grip Pull-Up Hold (Chin Over the Bar) x 20-30 seconds (weighted if appropriate to make this time domain a challenge)
2- Wall-Facing HS Hold x 30 sec
3- Tempo Supinated Grip Ring Rows*** x 5 reps
4- Strict Ring/Parallel Bar Dips x 5-8 reps

***Tempo: 3-second pull rings to chest, 3-second hold, normal descend and quick reset


“Rapid Fire”

AMRAP 12′:
20 Double-Unders
10 Alternating DB Snatch (50+/35+)
5 Toes to Bar


5 Mins. Group Stretching – Coaches’ Choice

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