Friday 6/24/16

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Clean Pull + Clean (1 complex every 90 sec for 15 minutes (10 sets))

1 clean pull from floor, reset, 1 full clean (try to catch in bottom of squat)

Build in weight across the 10 sets. Focus on maintaining the same vertical extension in the clean as in the clean pull. Record heaviest weight used.


Using 75% of the heaviest weight you reached in the previous complex, complete an 8 min AMRAP ladder as follows:

1 Clean (Rx: 75% of weight from previous complex)
1 Tuck-Up
1 Hand-Release Push-Up
1 Clean
2 Tuck-Ups
1 Clean
3 Tuck-Ups
…continue ladder, adding 1 rep of Tuck-Ups & HRPUs each round

Cleans may be done as power or squat cleans (or combination).

Record as rounds + reps (e.g. if you complete round of 1 clean + 7 Tuck-Ups/7 HRPU, record as 7 rounds). Record weight in comments.

Cash-Out / Cool Down

1 min Downward/Upward Dog

5 Minutes for Jefferson Curls (PVC pipe or very light weight if good form) — see link on blog

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