Friday 6/9/17

Gezzer, Gena, and Jen — all the smiles at our 7AM class!


“Bells and Whistles and TTB”

5 Rounds for Time (18′ CAP – 13′ CHALLENGE):

5 Dumbbell Complexes***
10 Toes to Bar

Rx DBs: 2×30’s or up / 2 x 20’s or up. Record weight used to comments.

***Starting in plank with DBs in hands:
One rep of the DB Complex =
1 Row, Right Arm
1 Push-Up
1 Row, Left Arm
1 Push-Up
1 Jump to Power Clean
1 Push Press
1 Front Squat
(Repeat 4 more times – this is 5 complexes)

All of the movements are distinct movements. Take care to stay in plank position during the one-armed rows; don’t twist excessively to the side.


3 Sets:
10 Supermans or GHD Hip Extensions
1 Min. Downward/Upward Dog

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