Friday 7/15/16


Reminder: Sunday Yoga 9:30am, Open Gym 10:45am — both are included in your membership as class options, just sign in like any normal class!


A) Shoulder & Core Activation/Stabilization

3:00 of Waiter’s Walks — switch arms as needed — heavy as possible with good form

B) EMOM 9 minutes (3 rounds):

MIN 1: 30-45 second side plank (on forearm), Right
MIN 2: 30-45 second side plank (on forearm), Left
MIN 3: 5 Shoot-Throughs with push-up and dip

On side planks, make sure hips are aligned with shoulders and feet (one straight line), and not pushed back


For Total Reps

AMRAP 5 mins:
10 Alt. Overhead Barbell Lunges (in place) (95/65)
10 Bar Jump-Overs

Rest 2 minutes, then

AMRAP 5 mins:
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
10 Push-Ups

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Lat Smash with foam roller or lax ball, 2 mins/side

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