Friday 7/29/16


Reminder: Parent & Kids/Teens Partner WOD this Saturday at 10AM – ages 5 and up, all are invited!


Power Clean + Push Press + Push Jerk (1 complex E2MOM for 16 mins)

Build to today’s heavy — if you start to lose good form, stay at that weight or drop down. Record heaviest complex


AMRAP 10 minutes:

Partner A: 20 Ball Slams (moderately heavy)
Partner B: 10 Push Press (115/75) + 10 Jumps Over the Barbell

Work simultaneously, switch when both partners are done (ball slams should take longer). When both partners have done each movement, this is 1 round. Score is total completed full rounds.

Cash-Out / Cool Down

2 Rounds:
Partner Shoulder Stretch, 1 min each
Partner Pancake Stretch, 1 min each

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