Friday 7/8/16


Welcome Joaquin to the CFIL New Dads club, and welcome baby Amelia to this world! This one’s for you today!

Athletes: please take 2 minutes to fill out our BRIEF survey on a potential gymnastics session. More details can be found in our July newsletter!


E2MOM for 16 minutes:

1 Power Clean + 3 Push Press

Sets 1-3: build to working weight
Sets 4-8: all at same weight (aim for same as last 3×5 Push Press from June)

Record working weight used (last 5 sets)



3 Rounds for Time (10 MIN CAP):

15 Hang Power Cleans
15 Burpees

Choose a weight that you can do unbroken at least on 1st round:

Rx+: 155/105
Rx: 135/95
Scale: 95/65 or less

Cash-Out / Cool Down

5 minutes of Jefferson Curls (w/ PVC or empty barbell)

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