Friday 9/25/15

Post-WOD family Acro Yoga at CFIL: Jara, Sean, and Murphy


Open Gym will be held this Sunday, Sept. 27th from 9-11am. Thanks to Steve M. for hosting!

Good luck to all of our athletes competing in Sunday’s Rock the Creek Relay! 


High-Hang Snatch (3 reps EMOM for 10 minutes)

Focus on extending hips quickly & dropping under bar. Quick reset between reps. Start light, and increase if form is good.


Partner WOD

2 x 5 minute AMRAPs with 2 minutes rest in between. One person working at a time, you may switch off whenever you want. Record total reps PER PAIR for each round.

AMRAP #1: 5 minutes to perform as many Wall Balls as possible

***Today’s Rx is 20/14 to 10-foot targets for everyone (yes, this is higher than what is normally required for women)! Full-depth squats as usual. If intending to perform as prescribed, be honest with counting reps – partners are accountable for no-repping one another. As usual, scale ball weight/target as needed.***

REST 2:00

AMRAP #2: 5 minutes to row as many calories as possible (one shared rower)

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