Monday 10/10/16

Happy birthday (yesterday) to our in-house Yoga Instructor Cristin! Don’t worry, you can wear your birthday weight vest today!

REGULAR SCHEDULE today – 6AM, 12PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM! Remember that we will be hosting a Flu Clinic during/after the afternoon and evening WODs; if you would like to get one, be sure to e-mail Bo Yoo so she can be sure to bring enough. Insurances ARE accepted — see our October Newsletter for more information!

Today is Day 1 of our Fall Wellness Challenge — it’s not too late to sign up on the gym whiteboard! We have a private Facebook support group for participating members and will be sharing lots of resources and tips there throughout the next three weeks. Join us!!!



Front Squat (5-3-2-1-AMRAP)

5 reps @ 45% / 3 reps @ 55% / 2 reps @ 65% / 1 rep @ 70% / As many reps as possible with good form at 70% (record this #)

Alternative: 5×5 all at SAME weight, ADD weight from last 5×5

NO SUPERSET TODAY — ensure you take enough rest between sets, especially before last set



For Time:


Scaling DUs: Count attempts, or 2-3x singles



Downward Dog – :30 hold
Upward Dog – :30 hold
Lax Ball Plantar & Calf Smash (1+ mins each foot/leg)

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