Monday 10/12/15

Corrin practicing her Acro Yoga in Hilton Head, SC!

It might be a holiday for our federal employees but we’re running a regular class schedule at the gym today! See you at 6am, 12pm, 5:30pm, or 6:30pm!


Back Squat

We are starting the Wendler cycle for Back Squat. All percentages for this cycle are based on a working max that is calculated by taking 90% of your actual or best estimated 1RM. If you do not have any numbers for back squat, you may be able to approximate it based on other squats you have performed. TALK TO A COACH if you have any questions about how to calculate your working max, since you will be using this number for the next 4 weeks.


Warm-up: 5-5-3
5 reps @ 40% of working max
5 reps @ 50%
3 reps @ 60%

Working sets: 5-5-5+
5 reps @ 65%
5 reps @ 75%
5+ (at least 5 but as many as possible with good form) reps @ 85%


For Time:

100m Suitcase Carry (70/53# kb)
80 Double Unders
60 Wall Balls (20/14# to 10′ for everyone!)
40 Weighted Box Step-Ups (45/35# barbell on back or 35/25# DBs)
20 HSPU (scale to seated DB press)

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