Monday 10/24/16


Reminder: Halloween Costume WOD this Saturday 10/29 at 9:00AM! Prizes will be awarded for costumes and team spirit! No 8AM WOD will be held

Conditioning Partner WOD

For Time (24′ CAP):

4 Rounds (each) of:
Partner A: 200m Run
Partner B: 20 OH Plate Forward Lunges (in place) (Rx: 45# / 30# (2 x 15# plates))
(Switch when both partners are done)

then, 4 Rounds (each) of:
Partner A: 50 DUs (scale: 100 SUs)
Partner B: Plank Hold on Forearms
(Switch when DUs are done – if person in plank breaks position, other must stop jumping until plank position is resumed)

Record finish time


Strict PU/MU Benchmark

4 Rounds:
Max Strict Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes

Rx+: Max Strict Muscle-Ups
Scaled: Use assistance for strict PUs or Max Ring Rows to Chest (most difficult angle possible)

Record total reps

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