Monday 10/30/17

Don’t forget: (Optional but encouraged) Wear a Halloween costume for class on Tuesday! (Proper workout footwear highly suggested.) Best costume in EACH class (6AM, 7AM, 9:45AM, 4:30PM 5:30PM, 6:30PM) will win a prize. Which class will have the most participation and win spirit bragging rights?! 


E3MOM for 18′ – superset 6 rounds:

A) (From Rack): 4 reps Strict Press (first 3 sets) or Push Press (last 3 sets). Ascend throughout, i.e. first set of Push Press should be heavier than last set of Strict Press.

B) DB Bentover Rows (two DBs) – first 3 sets moderate weight x 10 reps, last 3 sets heavier weight x 5 reps




5 DB Clean & Push Press, Right
15 Russian KB Swings
5 DB Clean & Push Press, Left
10 Burpees

DB Cleans are from ground – front of bell touches floor each rep.

Score is Rounds + Reps. Record DB and KB weights to comments. Choose appropriate weights, ensuring Push Press does not become a Push Jerk.

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