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Push Press (Wendler Cycle 2, Week 1 OR 5×5 ascending )

We are starting a second Wendler cycle for Push Press. Based on your performance on the previous cycle, either stay where you are or add 5-10 lbs to your estimated 1RM. “Working Max” is still calculated by taking 90% of your estimated 1RM.

If you do not have ANY numbers for push press, you may be able to approximate it based on your max strict press or push jerk. If you are a very new athlete, talk with your coach about whether you could/should estimate your 1RM or perform 5×5 ascending.

Ask your coach if you have any questions about how to calculate your (new) working max, since you will be using this number for the next 4 weeks!

Warm-up: 5-5-3
5 reps @ 40% of working max
5 reps @ 50%
3 reps @ 60%

Working sets: 5-5-5+
5 reps @ 65%
5 reps @ 75%
5+ (at least 5 but as many as possible with good form) @ 85%


Partner WOD

Reps are per pair, divide however you want. Complete runs together; for the other movements one person is working at a time. May not start next movement until both partners are finished with the previous one (including runs).

For Time:

800m Run
50 Tuck-Ups (scale to sit-ups)
400m Run
50 KB Swings (53 / 44)
200m Run
50 Ball Slams (30-35 / 20-25)
100m Run

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