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  • Don’t forget — pre-orders for apparel from the new CFIL Store will be accepted only until this Friday, Dec. 8th! Get them in if you want to guarantee your size and color choice — only limited quantities will be ordered for the gym’s stock.

  • Also this Friday Dec. 8th is our Annual Holiday Party! Start time is 7PM. Dinner-type food will be provided; BYOB and/or app/dessert to share. Family-friendly, but for every kid you bring, please also bring a small ($5) wrapped gift (marked with target age group) for our very popular yearly kids gift exchange!

  • If you’re participating in the 22-Day Burpee Challenge (22 burpees/day from Dec. 1-22; CFIL will donate to Active Heroes for every athlete that completes the challenge) — be sure to get your name up on the whiteboard and keep it updated with the number of days (out of 22) you’ve completed! Use the hashtag #cfilgivesback in any social media posts. 


~15-20′ to complete 4 sets of:

Back Squat x 8 reps (start at 50% and ascend only if good form)
Rest 1 minute
2KB Single-Leg Deadlift x 8 reps/leg
Rest 1 minute


Alternating every 90 seconds, for 8 total intervals (4x each movement):

1- 40-60 Double-Unders OR 50 Single-Unders + DU attempts in remaining time
2- Handstand Walk Progression***

***Today’s progression options:
1- 40 ft. Handstand Walk
2- From plank: Wall Walk + 3-5 horizontal steps right + 3-5 horizontal steps left + controlled walk back down to plank
3- From plank: Wall Walk into 20-30 sec. Wall-Facing HS Hold w/ Alternating Shoulder Taps
4- From plank: Wall Walk + 30 sec. Wall-Facing HS Hold (only go up as far as you can stay in good position) + controlled walk back down to plank

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