Monday 2/19/18

Congrats to Erin for competing in the local Granite Games Throwdown this weekend!

Today’s Schedule: WODs at 9AM, 12PM, 4:30PM, & 5:30PM (no 6AM or 6:30PM classes); CrossFit Teens 8:00PM


Deadlift (3-3-3+)

Work Sets:
3 reps @ 65%
3 reps @ 72%
3+ reps (as many reps as possible, must be more than 3) @ 80%

Record last set (weight and # reps)


Today’s WOD is a series of four 1-minute max benchmarks. The goal is to exert full effort into each of these minutes of work. This is also a good chance to practice judging/counting reps as we start the Open later this week!

-Teams of 2 or 3
-20:00 on the clock
-Go through all four stations as a group, in any order. One person working, other partner(s) counting (good) reps and timing the minute via the running clock. Rest as needed between stations, but watch the clock so you don’t run out of time.
-Record results on whiteboards or Wodify app as you go through.

1-Minute Max: Air Squats

1-Minute Max: Parallete Jump-Overs

1 Min Max: Air Dyne

1-Minute Max: Push-UpsĀ 

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