Monday 2/27/17

Congratulations to all of the amazing athletes who completed Open 17.1 this weekend — what a great way to start off the Open season! Our neon green-wearing Team “Mother Thrusters” took home the team spirit points on Saturday for Week 1 of our Intramural Open, but there are still many more points to be had for participation and performance!

Remember to log into the Games website (where you registered) to submit your score for validation before Monday 8PM!

Week 1 team scores will be posted on our 2017 Open page once all the scores have been validated.

Gymnastics Skills

Alternating EMOM 12′:

1- X Unbroken Toes to Bar
2- 5-7 Parallette Shoot-Throughs with Push-Up and Dip
3- 30 sec. Handstand Hold or HS Walking Practice

For Unbroken TTB, choose a number for all 4 rounds that will be challenging for you. If you can’t yet perform one TTB, use the minute to work on some aspect of the skill (ask coach if you need guidance!)


“Condition Me”

Alternating EMOM 16′:

1- 200m Run
2- 60 Single-Unders (Everyone! Focus on good body positioning, stay tight)
3- Max Calorie Row

Record calories rowed for each of the 4 rounds.


Foam Roll Lumbar / Hamstrings

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