Monday 2/29/16


Congratulations to all of the CFIL athletes who completed the first Open workout, 16.1! Many thanks to Joe Foley Photography for capturing this and many other great shots we’ll feature on this blog in the future!

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to log onto the Games website and submit your score (as written on the bottom part of the scorecard that you should have taken home with you) before Monday 8PM! Scores will be validated on the site by Coach Jara prior to them appearing on the Leaderboard


Snatch Pull Technique + Hang Snatch

EMOM 10 minutes:
Mins 1-5: Snatch Pull Technique — Hold for 3-second pauses at: 1 inch off floor (should feel like 1 cm), Knee, and Power Position — then return to floor. Go light in weight, build to first Hang Snatch weight.
Mins 6-10: 2x Hang Snatch with at least a 1-second pause at bottom of squat. Ascend only if form is great!

Record heaviest successful Hang Snatch set of 2


4 Rounds for Time (20 min cap):
400m Run
15 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

when finished may go immediately into POST-WOD MOBILITY (6+ mins)
Lax ball on glutes- sit on box (1 min per side)
Couch Stretch (at least 2 mins per side) — SEE THIS ARTICLE FOR PROPER TECHNIQUE

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