Monday 3/7/16


Great turnout for Open WOD 16.2 on Saturday! Congratulations to everyone that participated or just came to provide help and support!


Paused Front Squat (Warm-up 3×3, then 5×3 @ same weight)

3-second hold at bottom of each rep. Add weight if you performed this last week with good form.


EMOM 15 minutes:
Mins 1-7: 15 KB Swings (as heavy as possible, may ascend)
Mins 8-11: 40 Seconds of Burpee Box Jump, rest 20 sec
Mins 12-15: Turkish Get-Ups, 1 per arm each minute

*TGU: Focus is on moving well and being stable throughout, do not rush through and sacrifice form. May do both sides each minute OR just do 1 side per minute, alternating sides each minute.

Scorpion Stretch (30 second hold on each side)
Lax ball shoulder smash (on floor or against wall) (1 min each side)

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