Monday 4/9/18


Reminder! No classes this Saturday or Sunday morning (April 14-15) due to CrossFit Level 2 seminar being hosted at CFIL. Open Gym will be offered both Saturday and Sunday evenings, 5:30-7:00PM.

Save the Date! On Saturday, April 21st, our regular 9 & 10AM WODs will be replaced by CFIL’s version of Open “18.6” — come try for 1-Rep Maxes of your Strict Press, Front Squat, and Deadlift and then stay for a brunch potluck to celebrate a great 2018 Open season! (Or just come for the potluck, that’s fine too!) All athletes are invited to attend, regardless of whether you participated in the Open this year. NOTE: A regular WOD will still take place at 8AMĀ 


Tempo Front Squat (5 x 3 @ 32X1 )

Each rep is at 32X1 tempo:
-3 seconds down
-2 second pause in ACTIVE bottom position
-Explode up
-1 second reset at top (do not lose tension)

Additional notes in Wodify


“Five and Dime”

5 Rounds for Time (10′ HARD CAP):

200m Run (Hard)
10 Wall Balls (20/14 to 10’/9)


Quad Stretch & Foam Roll

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