Monday 4/10/17

Athletes: Our APRIL NEWSLETTER is now in your inbox, or click HERE to read it online! Please note our class cancellations for this Thursday, 4/13. 

Bodyweight Strength

Everyone ATTEMPTS 1 set of Unbroken Max Strict Pull-Ups (pronated, pull-up grip). If you aren’t able to get 1, simply record 0 (do not sub with ring rows); include any details to comments so you can compare progress in the future.

Then, alternating EMOM 12′:

1- 10 Scap Pull-Ups
2- 3-5 Strict Regular or Chest to Bar Pull-Ups (regular, pronated pull-up grip) (Use Partner Assist if necessary)
3- 20 Hollow/Arch Kip Swings
4- Max (up to 20 sec.) Hold (pull-up grip – as high as possible with chin over bar) with Slow Negative


Benchmark retest from January!

“CFIL Sprint Tri”

For Time (16′ CAP)

800m Row
800m Run (2x400m)
80 Burpees


Straddle Against Wall – 2+ mins

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