Monday 5/2/16


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Back Squat (3×5 @ ~70%)

Warm-up 2-3 sets before starting working sets. All working sets at SAME WEIGHT – no more than 70% of 1RM Back Squat.


100 Burpee-Med Ball Squat Clean-Wall Ball Shots (For Time)

1 rep = Chest to floor for burpee, pick up ball on way up into full squat clean, stand up to complete wall ball shot to target.

Men Rx: 20# ball to 10′ target
Women Rx: 14# ball to 9′ target

Scale ball weights as needed to hit desired target.

16 MINUTE TIME CAP – if you don’t finish, record # of completed reps to comments

Cash-Out / Cool Down


A) Quad stretch on side with lower leg bent (30 sec/leg)
B) Figure 4 glute stretch (30 sec/leg)
C) Quad Smash with Lax Ball (at least 2 min/leg)

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