Monday 6/18/18


Bench Press (6-5-4-3-6 @ 20X1 tempo)

Push the weight on every set as much as possible while keeping tempo (including 1 sec rest between reps) and without going to failure. Goal is to try to go heavier on the last set of 6 than on your first set of 6. (If you are pushing the sets as intended the last set of 6 should not be heavier than your set of 4 or 3)

Partner WOD


For Time (12′ CAP)

21-15-9 (each):
Double DB Push Presses
Ball Slams
Calorie Row

Partners start on different movements and rotate through. Both partners must always start the next movement at the same time. Time stops when both partners complete everything.

Record DB and ball weights to comments.

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