Monday 6/25/18


Bench Press (5-4-3-2-5 @ 20X1 tempo)

Push the weight on every set as much as possible while keeping tempo (including 1 sec rest between reps). No sets should go to failure. Goal is to try to go heavier on the last set of 5 than on your first set of 5. (Last set of 5 should not be heavier than your set of 3 or 2)


“Body Check”

4 Tabatas (8 x :20 on/:10 off)

1:00 rest (2 tabata intervals) between stations

1- Alt. Reverse Lunge Steps
2- Sit-Ups
3- Push-Ups
4- Calorie Row

Complete all 8 intervals of each movement before progressing to the next

Record total reps/calories completed for each of the 4 rounds

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