Monday 6/20/16

Today’s Cash-Out and a movement we’ll be repeating on a regular basis! 

Bodyweight Strength

EMOM 6 minutes:
X Strict Pull-Ups

EMOM 6 minutes:
X Strict Handstand Push-Ups

Where X = you choose number range that will be challenging but that you can maintain for each round with good form

Focus on great movement and maintaining HOLLOW BODY position through all reps! Ask coach for appropriate scaling options that will honor intention of this work


EMOM 21 minutes (7 rounds):

MIN 1: 5 Unbroken* BB OR DB Thrusters
MIN 2: 30 Double-Unders (Rx+: 50 DUs)

May ascend in weight. Record weight used each round, score is total weight

*unbroken = not putting bar on floor; resting on shoulders is permitted

Scale DUs to a lower # or do 1 minute of attempts

Cash-Out / Cool Down

5 Minutes for Jefferson Curls (PVC pipe or very light weight if good form)

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