Monday 7/16/18

John with (part of) his cheering squad!

Congratulations to Coach John G. on his second place finish at the local Black and Red Open Weightlifting competition, and in doing so qualifying for the American Open Finals in December!

Partner WOD

“Daily Grind”

AMRAP 15′:

Partner A:
10 DB Burpee Deadlifts (50’s/35’s)
80 ft. (two lengths) Farmer’s Carry, same DBs

Partner B:
Hold Plank position (hands or forearms) anytime that Partner A is working

This is one round, switch when Partner A completes the farmer’s carry.

Record total rounds & reps completed as a pair (1 rep for every 40 ft. carry in last round)


Couch Stretch – at least 2 mins/side

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