Monday 7/17/17

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SFH Whey Protein FAQs (CFIL blog post)

SFH Fish Oil FAQs (CFIL blog post)


Back Squat (8 x 3 )

E2MOM for 16′: 3 reps Back Squat at below percentages —

Sets 1-3 (warm-up sets): Build to ~50% of 1RM
Sets 4-6: All sets between 65-80%
Sets 7-8: Both sets at 80-85%

If you don’t have an estimated 1RM to work from, ascend in weight throughout with last 2 sets at same weight. Record weight used for last 2 sets.


“Magic Sauce”


5 Front Squats (115/80)
5 Shoulder to Overhead (115/80)
5 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups (Rx+: 3 Bar OR Ring Muscle-Ups)

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