Monday 7/3/17

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE REMINDER: Classes today at 6AM, 9AM, and 530PM ONLY. Class tomorrow (July 4th) at 9AM ONLY. Hope to see you there!


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Skill / Strength

Turkish Get-Up (3-second stable hold in each position)

12 Mins. to complete 3+ sets


“Quad Tabata II”

4 x Tabatas with 1:00 Rest between each

May start on any Round, rotate through in order:
-Calorie Bike or Ski (your choice; note which to comments)
-Calorie Row

For each Tabata (Round), count your reps/calories for each of the 8 intervals; score for that Round is your LOWEST number of reps/calories over those 8 intervals. Record your score for each of the 4 Rounds.


EMOM 5′:
1- 1 Min. Downward Dog Hold
2- 1 Min. Upward Dog Hold
3- 1 Min. Pigeon Pose, Right
4- 1 Min. Pigeon Pose, Left
5- 1 Min. Seated Straddle

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