Monday 8/17/15


Rotate every 2 minutes between the following stations for 3 rounds (24 minutes total). Check with your coach on the proper progression for you!

1) L-sit progressions (hold or to tuck)

2) Sideways wall handstand walks (or handstand progressions)

3) Reverse pistol progressions (candlestick roll to 2-foot or 1-foot stands)

4) Pull-up progressions


Is your KBS as dialed-in as it can be? Check out the short instructional video above!

EMOM 10 Min.

10 KBS (AHAP)*

5 Box Jumps (24/20) – scale to step-ups

*If work in the first minute takes more than 40 seconds, scale KB weight or # of reps for remaining minutes

Record KB weight

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